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Contact Local Realtor, Jean Pagán-Bullock     301-908-6767
Jean sells homes in Washingtonian Woods
Jean has been selling homes in Washingtonian Woods from the beginning of the neighborhood's existence.   She has successfully sold homes in the area in many different types of markets.  She is ready to help fellow neighbors make their next move. 

​Jean's neighborhood listings
1057 Hillside Lake Terrace          Sold
104 Midsummer Drive                 Sold
2 Flameleaf Court                        Sold
1013 Hillside Lake Terrace          Sold
1071 Hillside Lake Terrace          Sold
8 Midsummer Court                     Sold
241 Midsummer Circle                 Sold
301 Midsummer Drive                  Sold
903 Hillside Lake Terrace 608      Sold
Here are a few of the homes Jean has sold over the last 30 years.
Jean Pagán-Bullock
Long & Foster Realtors
​795 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20850
Washingtonian Woods